Our Approach

No organ is more exposed to stresses than the eye, and if uncontrolled, these stresses may lead to permanent loss of vision.

To meet these challenges the eye has evolved protective mechanisms to retain its functional integrity.

Anida is utilizing its deep understanding of how these endogenous protective mechanisms work to develop novel therapies to prevent and slow the progression of ocular disease.

Our Science

Efficacy   Safety   Ease-of-Use

Our initial therapeutic, AP-001, is a modified version of the ocular endogenous carboxylic acid, neuroprotectin D1 (NPD1). NPD1 is a sentinel-activated regulator of pathways essential to prevent irreversible loss of retinal neurons, retina pigment epithelium, and other cells integral to ocular health and function.

By retaining NPD1’s biological actions, Anida has in AP-001 created a molecule with excellent ocular tissue distribution and tolerability to be administered as an eye drop to treat both corneal and retinal progressive diseases.